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If you love your fishing the best experiences are to be had downstream towards Torrumbarry where the river is wide and deep, or upstream at the Barmah and Moira Forest where the river narrows. With any luck Murray Cod, Yellow Belly, Bream or Redfin will be on the menu tonight. 

Echuca Moama & District is a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts. If you’re looking for places to fish nearby, there are several options along the Murray River and its surrounding areas. 

Here are a few popular fishing spots near Echuca Moama:

Gunbower Creek:

This is a tributary of the Murray River, and it provides another excellent fishing location. Look for spots along Gunbower Creek for a diverse range of fish.

Murray River:

The Murray River is a prime location for fishing, offering a variety of fish species. You can try your luck at spots along the riverbanks or hire a boat to explore different areas.

Kow Swamp:

Located about 20 kilometers north of Echuca, Kow Swamp is known for its fishing opportunities. It’s a reservoir with various fish species, making it a popular choice for anglers.

Cohuna Fishing Trail:

Cohuna, which is not far from Echuca, has a fishing trail that takes you to different fishing spots along Gunbower Creek and the Murray River.

Torrumbarry Weir:

A bit upstream from Echuca, Torrumbarry Weir is known for its fishing, especially during the warmer months. It’s a great place to catch species like Murray Cod and Golden Perch.

Campaspe River:

Spaning 160 kilometres starting near Bendigo and finishing near Echuca. Stretches of the river provide terrific fishing for species such as golden perch, redfin and cod

  • Before heading out, make sure to check local fishing regulations and obtain any necessary permits. Additionally, consider the season and the type of fish you’re interested in catching for the best experience.

Fishing in the Murray River:


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