Girgarre: A Small Town with a Big Heart for Music, Markets, and Community. 

Taking pride in its passion for music, markets, and fostering a strong sense of togetherness.

With the introduction of the Gargarro botanical gardens and events space, Girgarre is brimming with exciting opportunities for visitors and locals alike. The events calendar is filling up fast, providing a wide range of activities for everyone to enjoy.

One of the town’s most famous attractions is the Farmers’ Produce and Craft Market. Up to 120 stalls, visitors can enjoy a family-friendly day out.

With live music, tantalizing food options, and an array of artisan goods, arts, and crafts. The perfect opportunity to sample locally-sourced, seasonal produce from the finest producers.

Gargarro Botanic Garden and Café

Adjacent to the market lies Girgarro Botanic Gardens. A beautiful and unique project that celebrates indigenous history and stimulates the senses. The gardens are a sight to behold. The licensed café is a unique double-story building, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding scenery. It’s the perfect spot to unwind and relax against the serene backdrop of Gargarro Botanic Garden in Girgarre, Victoria.

Services include:

  • Post office
  • Fuel
  • Free camping reserve and dump point
  • Public spaces – sound shell, hall, community cottage
  • Sporting – recreation reserve, tennis court

Destination highlights:

  • Girgarre’s music-filled moments including Jirgarre Jammin, Moosic Muster and the Sound Walk produced in conjunction with the Junkestra
  • Girgarre monthly Farmers Market for the freshest in season produce and bespoke artisanal products
  • Girgarro Sound Shell – a beautiful modern amiptheatre nested against nature accompanied by native botanical gardens