Discover Gunbower: Your Gateway to Australia’s Largest Inland Island.

Located in the northwest, Gunbower is the perfect destination for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. With more than 50km of breathtaking scenery,

Home to a wide range of marsupials, mammals, reptiles, and over 160 bird species, including some rare and endangered ones.

The meandering creeks and waterways that surround Gunbower provide a serene environment that’s perfect for fishing and bird watching. Kayaking and canoeing are also popular activities, and the major paddling event held annually – the Massive Murray Paddle in November.

Take a break and enjoy a relaxing lunch at the Gunbower Lions Park, where you can admire a beautiful natural mural featuring some of the area’s unique flora and fauna. Across the road, the Gunbower Hotel boasts a large-scale dedication to the town by renowned graffiti artist Jimmy D’vate (pictured above).

Gunbower boasts several camping spots, a caravan park, and boutique accommodation. Services in the area include hospitality, fuel, a service station, tourism information hub, and kayak hire.


Don’t miss out on the following highlights when visiting Gunbower:

  • Silo art trail feature – Jimmy D’Vate
  • Nature-based tourism opportunities – bird watcher’s paradise, kayaking, canoeing, fishing
  • Water-based events